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Loss of manufacturing jobs, the shrinking of the middle class, and increased income inequality were already making the headlines before the COVID-19 crisis. But we are among those who believe that the American dream is alive and well. During uncertainty, we thrive.And we believe that technology and innovation are here to unleash our true potential. No one should be left behind, and that is why we are launching Drivenus, aty. Join us!.


Join us in leveraging technology to move towards the accomplishment of our shared goals, as a community. America will reopen for business soon, and we are ready to offer a car rental model that leverages all cutting-edge technologies to provide a great service, including but not limited to GPS tracking, keyless operations, car-sharing community management, and, eventually, self-driving vehicles..

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In alliance with Visa we have created the Drivenus Reward card, so that you win for each trip you take with us. Drivenus allways reward loyalty customers

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Are you interested in a new revenue stream? Do you feel overwhelmed by an ever evolving and rapidly changing marketplace that seems to be leaving little or no room for small businesses?

Welcome to Drivenus, a company designed for Main Street.



Buy in an electric vehicle


Drivenus will equip your vehicle with cutting-edge technology


Register your vehicle at a car rental station located at a retail store in your community


Rent your vehicle and add a secure revenue stream to your life


How much money do I need to invest?
$0. This is perhaps the biggest advantage of this opportunity. Drivenus will guide you through the process of buying a vehicle with a loan with zero down payment. And guess what? You won´t have to worry about the installments because the profits from renting your vehicle, in addition to providing you with an additional revenue stream every month, ought to be enough to cover the installments to get you a vehicle effectively for free.
How will my vehicle and my investment be protected?
Renters must have full coverage insurance to be eligible to drive your vehicle. Furthermore, Drivenus holds an insurance policy that will cover your vehicle. Drivenus partners with retail locations that serve as car rental stations and provide a safe and protected space to keep the vehicle.
How much money will I earn?
You will be entitled to 80% of profits.
What happens if my vehicle is involved in an accident?
Renters must have full coverage insurance to be eligible to drive your vehicle.
Will I be able to track my vehicle?
Yes, Drivenus will install a GPS to your vehicle.

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