About Us

Drivenus is an American startup that seeks to develop a community-based business model geared towards creating new revenue streams for Main Street America. We strive to help existing small businesses, mom & pop shops, by equipping them with an innovative way to increase their income as they leverage their existing infrastructure. 

Drivenus also strives to provide a seamless car rental experience to end users, offering them a large fleet of modern electric vehicles at fixed rates, which are highly competitive, under a flexible model that allows for hourly rentals.

How it works?

Drivenus helps small businesses to set up a car rental station in their existing premises and provides them with everything they need to provide a seamless car rental experience to end users, which is powered by a fleet of vehicles owned by the community.

Drivenus proprietary App, a cutting-edge technology that connects users with nearby vehicles, expediting the car rental process, removing the hazzles and burdens of legacy car rental companies.  


Thanks to our partnership with Spring Free EV, both small businesses and everyday Americans are able to partake in this amazing journey.

Both Drivenus and Spring Free EV are committed to sustainability and building a better tomorrow.

Some of our principles

Car rental stations ought to be 3 miles apart from each other. 

Our vision

We aim at expanding our business model nationwide. We stand ready to scale and to become a benchmark for the car rental industry.

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